New to Massage?

I'm so happy to welcome you into the world of bodywork, massage and cranio-sacral therapy! Here are a few tips to help you feel comfortable:


Your comfort is important.

  • At any time just let me know if you are too warm or cold, if you'd like to change position, if you need to take a break. Don't hesitate to tell me what you need.
  • There are a million ways to adjust your position on the table to help your body relax and feel secure.
  • If you're concerned about getting on or off the table let me know, I can help make it easier.

No need to force yourself to relax.

  • Sometimes you will want to just sink into the table, enjoy the silence and let your mind drift.
  • Sometimes you will want to stay focused on how you feel and how the work is affecting your body, and your mood.
  • If you feel nervous and guarded, I encourage you to bring it up so I can help you feel more comfortable and safe.

 Before the massage:

  • Give yourself time to get to your appointment. If you are feeling stressed by a hectic schedule or bad traffic, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that the next hour of your day belongs only to you.
  • Please let me know if you are ill, recovering from surgery, pregnant or recently delivered so I can be sure to make any accommodations you may need.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, or bring a comfortable change if you are coming from work.

 After the massage:

  • If you feel extremely relaxed you may not want to run right out to your car or bike - if that's the case just take a few minutes to collect yourself. Some people like to sit and have a cup of tea before they leave. Some people like to take a short walk around the block.
  • Be patient and kind with yourself for the next couple of days - you may be noticing how you feel more frequently and more acutely than you are used to.
  • Give yourself the time to notice how you feel. You may feel the need to change some small things about your posture or body mechanics. You may feel the need to rest more or to exercise more.